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New Hospitals

Fitting hygienic and clinical dispensers in new and refurbished hospital & clinical environments.

Goodenough Services are the market leader in dispenser fitting in the U.K. Last year we fitted in excess of 200,000 dispensers.

We have specialist healthcare experience and have worked with most of the NHS Trusts and hospitals throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Whatever the item, if it attaches to a wall then we will be able to fit it!”

Specifying and fitting medical dispensers can prove particularly difficult for those who have little knowledge of practical clinical requirements. There is an assortment of different dispensers for various applications. This is further complicated by a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers.

Here are just some of the dispensers required:

  • Dispenser;
  • disposable bedpans, wall mounted
  • Dispenser; paper roll, wall mounted
  • Dispenser; nailbrush, wall mounted
  • Dispenser; disposable cup
  • Dispenser; paper towel; wall mounted
  • Holder; paper roll, wall mounted
  • Dispenser; soap; wall mounted
  • Dispenser; soap, foot operated, wall mounted
  • Dispenser; scrub solution, lever action, wall mounted
  • Dispenser; Chemical
  • Dish, soap, wall mounted
  • Dish, soap, surface mounted
  • Dispenser; alcohol solution, wall mounted
  • Dispenser; disposable apron; wall mounted
  • Dispenser; ticket, with instruction board
  • Dispenser; gloves, non-sterile
  • Dispenser; gloves, sterile
  • Dispenser; soap/scrub solution, pump action with 500ml container, sink or worktop mounted

Members of our team are clinically qualified and experienced. They will be able to assist you with product specification and procurement, ensuring you install the correct equipment. Then our fully trained team of installation fitters will ensure each unit is fitted to the specified requirements.

We can also help with fitting cupboards, mirrors, assistance handrails etc. Whatever the item, if it attaches to a wall then we will be able to fit it!

We offer you a comprehensive, efficient fitting service that will be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Please give us a call to discuss how we might assist you.