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Dosing Systems

Automatic dilution and dosing systems installation by Goodenough Services.

Automatic dilution and dosing systems have become essential equipment for delivering calibrated dosage of liquid products. This ensures accurate results with correct dose every time with no costly wastage or overdosing.

The Venturi principle is often utilised to dilute chemicals with water automatically at the simple push of a button or turn of a lever.

Many chemical and equipment manufacturers have a requirement for automatic dilution and dosing systems to be fitted to their products to maximise their efficacy and cost efficiency.

Goodenough Services have created a specialist installation team to meet this requirement for automatic dosing systems.

The team have been highly trained to meet our customer’s exacting standards.

All products and systems are installed to European standards and manufacturer’s specifications.

We have a flexible approach in working methodology which allows us to meet with the end user’s workplace requirements.

If you have a requirement for the installation of automatic dosing systems we will be happy to discuss how we might help you.

Please email us on: or call us on 0161 975 4959

Approved installers for Hydro Nova Europe Europe.